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Echos from Togo
Country of West Africa, Togo is a corridor of 57000 km2 with 5.5 millions inhabitants, surrounded in the south by guinea golf, north by Burkina Faso and to the east by Benin and the west by Ghana… the country has a diversity of african landscapes from beaches to savannahs and also mountains and many climates.

Togo is threatened by two things ; desertification and poverty from the under- development and the globalization.

Far from the wealth kept by a few, the family’s manual work is the strength of the popular togolese economy. This happens in fields as well as small entreprises or craftmen : brothers and sisters are put to contribution to ensure that the family’s business work.

Others are businessmen, civil servants or participants in the informal economy of the country (work in the streets)

The official language is french even though a number of dialects and tribes co-exist.

The principal resources are agriculture, phosphate mines and the Lome Port, the only one in the deep waters of the Guinea golf. Therefore it is the centre of international economical and political interest.

Discover the other faces of Togo

The "Music-Events" Association invites you to live in an original way for a few weeks, a togolese adventure and to come back strenghtened by a memorable experience that we can echo to.
Togo it’s not only, the sun, the beach, the landscapes, the markets, the djembes but also a mixture of colours and flavours.
It is much more, a history, meetings, exchanges and possibilities to share, a people full of laughter and needed with a sense of family, of hierarchy that sometimes we find hard to understand.
Music is forever present and marks each event of life and daily activity in the villages. That is why the Association Music-Events gives itself the means to make it known, to perpetuate it and to transmit it.

She gives a soul to our hearts,
Wings to our thought
A reach to the imagination